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A Breakthrough System
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A Breakthrough System

The Family Enterprise Leadership System (FELS) is a revolutionary system to assess and develop the leadership talent of leaders and potential leaders, over time, within the context of any family enterprise.

Created by experts in family enterprise consulting and the technology arena, FELS merges the best intellectual knowledge in the field with the latest innovations in Internet technology, to create a system that provides scientifically rigorous and robust assessment and development tools for leadership performance in a user-friendly and confidential format.

The FEL System is the result of over ten years of research on the necessary capabilities for enterprise leadership within family structures; the dynamics that affect the development of leadership skills; and the required mechanisms to foster its performance. With it, families not only can assess the leadership performance of individuals within the enterprise and identify potential leaders, but they can also highlight areas of strength and weakness, track their development and institutionalize a process to ensure smooth transitions and continuity of the organization.

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