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How the System Works

FELS is a comprehensive leadership system that marries research, technology and service. Although the surveys and reports are created for ease of use, we emphasize the benefits of our service component, whereby FELS Advisors are assigned to work with the clients, to guide them through the process.

The FELS method can be administered through two models: a Basic Package and the recommended Developmental Model.

The Developmental Package: In order to achieve optimum results, the preferred approach is to implement FELS as an ongoing system. In doing so, the user will benefit from:
  • Multiple uses of the system for one leader or potential leader with up to 10 evaluators over a 12 month timeframe
  • Advisory service and ongoing coaching work of 2 hours/month based on the results of the FELS system
  • Tracking to identify improvement profile.
  • Relevant coursework, recommended readings, Next Generation Leadership Seminars and more
The Basic Package: The FELS introductory package includes a one time use of the system for one leader or potential leader. In this model, deployment and support will be provided by FELS administration, unless the client is working with a FELS Advisor.

Family Enterprises can implement the system through a FELS Advisor. A FELS administrator will help clients select an appropriate FELS Advisors to use the system. Consultants have the option of having their client use a FELS Advisor for implementation or using the system themselves with their clients with the assistance of the FELSí office for administration.

The FELS method incorporates two hours of advisory service, one at the launch of the process, to ensure proper customization and review process; and one upon delivery of reports for thorough interpretation of results. Further in-depth study, monitoring and development guidance is available upon request.

Each assessment allows for review by up to 15 stakeholders per person reviewed, and there is no limit placed on the number of people being reviewed concurrently. In addition, the system is designed for multiple uses over time to track leadership progress.

Since FELS is designed specifically for a family enterprise, reviews can be carried out by any stakeholder in the enterprise, regardless of his or her official day-to-day participation in the organization (i.e. an owner who does not work in the family business may be asked to review her cousin who does; or a board member who is a family member may be asked to review an executive who does not have an ownership stake in the enterprise).

The review process can be carried out on an individual basis (one individual reviewed at a specific time) or can be implemented organization-wide, to assess the leadership performance of a number of members of the family enterprise. To view the FELS Survey Library, click here.

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