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Dr. Fredda Herz Brown and Mark Rubin co-founded The Metropolitan Group, LLC, one of the preeminent family business consulting firms in 1993 to pool their vast experience in consulting to family enterprises and the individuals that conform them. Now, they have come together to create a method that would allow them to systematize their research and experience for the benefit of their clients.

Fredda Herz Brown, a founding Board Member of the Family Firm Institute (FFI) and author of several articles and the acclaimed book Reweaving the Family Tapestry (W.W. Norton and Co., Inc.), is one of the leading thinkers about family enterprises in the United States. She has done extensive work on leadership development; transitions in family business; governance and board development; creating change; and siblings, couples and women in family enterprises. Fredda edited a special issue of Family Business Review (FBR) on "Family Systems in Family Business" (Winter 1991) and she received a Best of FBR award for her article on "Loss and Continuity in Family Enterprises." In 2002, Fredda received FFI's Richard Beckhard Practice Award, the most prestigious prize in the field of family business. She also received the Hollander Award in 1996 for her contributions to the field.

When he founded The Metropolitan Group, LLC after ten years at PriceWaterhouse, Mark brought with him a wealth of experience in advising families in complex ownership structures, focusing particularly on leadership development, cross-generational ownership and management transitions.

By advising a number of clients and serving on the boards of various family enterprise boards as well as that of the Family Firm Institute (FFI), Mark has been able to expand on his considerable knowledge of the dynamics of family enterprises and the requirements for their success. Mark specializes in developing compensation and retention plans for family and non-family employees and works closely with sibling management groups in strategic planning and executive development.

Dr. Pawan Singh and Dr. Mohamed Latib have been business partners for over five years at Quantum Performance Solutions, a provider of comprehensive, Web-based survey and performance management solutions.

During his 20-year career at a number of leading U.S. companies, Pawan Singh has transformed lagging businesses into industry leaders through business and technical innovation. He has extensive experience in business management, strategic planning and information technology. Ranging from a patent on advanced turbines to developing models for pre- and post-evaluation assessment models for mentoring programs in globally diverse organizations, Pawan has been a technology and thought leader throughout his professional career. His technical and managerial innovations are the basis of a wide range of applications in use worldwide. At Quantum Performance Solutions, Dr. Singh pioneered a new software genre, knowledge-embedded solutions which he now brings to FELS.

A top Organizational Development expert in the United States, Mohamed Latib was among the pioneers of the 360-degree performance system. He has served as an OD consultant to some of the country's leading government and business organizations and has taught organizational development at a number of universities in the Philadelphia area.

Mohamed has also conducted senior executive and middle management development programs in the U.S. and Canada for major corporations and is a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Management Systems. Mohamed is also an active member of the Academy of Management, American Society for Training and Development, Society of Human Resource Management, Society for the Advancement of Management and serves as the co-chair of Global Case Studies for the International Management Development Association. Last but not least, Mohamed serves as vice-president for Program and Strategic Development at DeSales University.
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