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“FELS is a system that touches upon 90% of traditional 360 program queries and evaluations with a 10% specific aspect to family operations and privately held organizations. I believe FELS has the proper balance for these two aspects. A great product.”

– Patrick Peyton, Chairman & CEO of Despatch Industries

  Do you ever ask yourself:

How can leaders be objectively and confidentially developed within our enterprise?

Where do other family enterprises' leaders' capabilities lie, and how do our leaders stack up to them?

Why isn't there a system designed specifically for family enterprises to help answer these questions?

Many of us who work with family enterprises believe that their future depends on their ability to cultivate, build, and develop leaders. And with that goal at hand, Family Entreprise Leadership System (FELS) was created. FELS provides an objective, confidential and comprehensive method to cultivate the leadership abilities and potential of key participants in family enterprises. The only product that addresses family leadership in a systematic and dynamic way, FELS is building a leadership engine for organizational-wide leadership development. To learn more about how FELS can rev your enterprise, click here.

FELS as an Organizational Management Tool

What is your organization really about? Is there consensus amongst your family and other stakeholders about your enterprise’s purpose, mission, and goals? FELS’ allows you to easily define the core values of your organization, to measure alignment and pinpoint areas of discrepancy. With FELS, leadership development and organizational change go hand in hand for a unified, directed enterprise.

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Product Information
FELS has gone through a rigorous development and validation process and is delivered through a network of FELS Advisors who are highly experienced family enterprise consultants.
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If you meet our qualification standards, we invite you to become a FELS Advisor. To get more information, please click here.

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